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Allthe gemstones of Madagascar
Toliara and surrounding in the south of Madagascar

All the gemstones of Madagascar in a single place!

An exhibition that will take you through the mineral world of Madagascar; from the creation and development of the jewels, the cutting of the stones, to the finished product. La conception et la réalisation des bijoux, la taille des pierres et les produits finis.

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Gemstones in Toliara, Madagascar

Toliara, the “city of the sun”, is the capital of the southwest of Madagascar. In the region of Toliara, you can enjoy more than 300 sunny days per year, endless white sandy beaches, endemic plants and wildlife and…its very own “gemstones”. At the end of World War II, French geologists discovered that the great south of Madagascar was very rich in gemstones. Due to the political instability that reigned in the French colonies at that time and to the still little developed transformation techniques, not much interest was shown in these new discoveries. Today, the world has changed and the demand for precious stones is expanding rapidly. The transformation techniques have evolved and there are more and more discoveries of gemstones in the south of Madagascar. From the Sapphire to the Emerald, the Tourmaline to the Aquamarine, the Opal to the Granada, there is a wide variety of stones that are being extracted at the moment in the region of Tulear. New deposits are continually being discovered.

Having lived in Madagascar for more than 15 years, Dédé was quick to take an interest in precious stones. He is someone who only leaves his wheelchair for his quad bike to cross Madagascar in search of these stones. For more information about the Universe of the stone, the history, evolution, partners …

Toliara, a city to visit and discover.


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